July 12, 2017

Fixing fine details in Photoshop

Here’s a simple trick that could help you work on images easier. Did you ever notice that sometimes when you’re working on a large image or document that has a lot of detail, that it can make your monitor feel pretty small? This can happen even if you have a large monitor. Do you find yourself zooming in to touch up some of the fine details and then zooming out to see if the changes look good, only to find out it doesn’t work? Or maybe you’re working on an image that you know you’re going to put up on your website or send in an email and you only want to see how the final image will look with the changes? Here’s an easy way to help you solve this problem.

In Photoshop, just go up to the Windows drop-down menu and choose Arrange. At the very bottom of that menu you’ll see New Window for (name of your document). This will open a second window for your document that will update in real time with each change you make. You can keep your main image regular size and zoom in tight for working on the finer details in the second window. 

Tip: this works really well if you have a two monitor set-up.  Try it yourself the next time you’re fixing those fine details. Nice huh?

Remember, as always, keep shooting and have some fun!
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