October 5, 2016

How do I do that in Photoshop? – Book Review

Back in February of this year I wrote a quickie review on a book that I thought a lot of people could benefit from, it was called “How do I do that in Lightroom?” by Scott Kelby.

Chances are that if you’re into photography you’ll recognize that name. Scott’s written over 50 books on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom so he knows his stuff.  In fact he’s been the best-selling computer/ technology author in the world since 2005. I actually ordered a copy of that one as soon as it went on sale because I can always use more help with Lightroom. Personally, I find it very useful. If you want to read my post on that book, click on this link:  How do I do that in Lightroom?

Scott also has a very popular daily blog (The Photoshop Insider) that I try to read daily. I’ve really enjoyed it for many years. Each time he comes out with a new book he has a little contest where you get to post a comment on why you’d like to win the book and you get entered for a chance to win a copy, usually before they’re in the stores. 

Because his book on Lightroom tips was so successful, he wrote a follow up for Photoshop called “How do I do that in Photoshop”. These days more and more people are using Lightroom but sometimes you’ll find that some things you just can’t do in Lightroom or where Photoshop is just faster or easier to use. Unfortunately because of the power of Photoshop, sometimes the things you need are kind of hidden or hard to find. Most of us know that Photoshop can do just about everything but sometimes it seems like Adobe sort of hid the feature we’re looking for or made it not so obvious to find. Ever have that problem?

That’s what makes this book so handy. It was laid out in the same format as his previous book of tips on Lightroom, so I added my comment and actually won a copy of this new book myself. I’ve actually won two or three times myself and considering how many people follow his blog I think that’s pretty cool.   Truth is, I would’ve purchased the book even if I hadn’t won because I find his books extremely helpful. Even if I only picked up a tip or two, to me it would be worth it. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 6.0 so I know a thing or two about the program, but if you use Photoshop yourself you know there are usually several ways to accomplish the same thing right?  I’ve actually learnt quite a few time saving tips and work arounds from the book already. Each page has a single photo with a description of which button to click, which setting to use and exactly how and when to use it. 

Maybe you could use one of these books yourself? You can purchase either one of these books for under $20, which won't break the bank. If you're new to Photoshop or even if you've been using it for years, I’m sure you’ll pick up a tip or two yourself.  Click on these links to send you over to Amazon where you can purchase them from a name you can trust. How do I do that in Lightroom or How do I do that in Photoshop

I hope you enjoy my post and as always, remember to keep shooting and have some fun! 

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