January 19, 2012

Going Fast With Light – by Dan H. Bailey

Like a lot of photographers, I love nature and landscape photography. One photographer I follow is a guy from Alaska named Dan Bailey. Because he resides in Alaska, he shoots a lot of snow-covered scenes that I really enjoy. Dan has recently published another Ebook (his third), which I think will be a big hit called "Going Fast With Light".

Dan also has two previous Ebooks that are loaded with beautiful images as well. His first Ebook is called "How To Become A Pro Photographer", and is for anyone who is considering taking his photography to the next level and starting a full or part time photo business. Like I mentioned, all his Ebooks are packed with beautiful photos, but they are also loaded with great tips. This Ebook will help you to get you started making money with your own photography. Dan knows what he's talking about because he’s been running a successful business since 1996, well over a decade!

His second Ebook is called "Making The Image – A Conceptual Guide for Creating Stronger Photographs". Making the Image is a 50 page Ebook that will help you start shooting more powerful photographs. In this book he explains in detail how to use light, color and viewpoint as building blocks to start capturing more compelling photographs. I personally got a lot of useful info from this book and really enjoyed his photos in this one as well.

Before Dan relocated and started his business in Anchorage Alaska, he worked as a photo editor at a Boston stock photo agency that really gave him a solid understanding of images. He definitely loves his work and his photos show his dedication to the craft. All three of his Ebooks are packed with all sorts of useful info, and I think his newest Ebook will be a big hit with people who are already into off-camera flash (Speedlights) or are just getting started..

With the incredible success of flash websites like David Hobby's Strobist and Joe McNally's and Syl Arena’s blogs, flash is obviously a big thing. Flash and external lighting is something that photographers everywhere want to improve on, whether they're brand new to the whole idea, or are about to buy their second or third speedlight. This Ebook, Going Fast With Light, is for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of off camera flash in an easy to read style without all the technical mumbo-jumbo. Face it, most of us just want to pop a speedlight on our camera and shoot without having to bring along the manual.

In his newest book, Dan talks about his personal flash gear and the techniques that will help photographers dramatically improve the quality of their own photos, without worrying about heavy lighting equipment and all the technical details. If you’re like me, when it comes to lighting gear, I usually only take what I can carry by myself in one load. I don’t want to be bogged down with tons of equipment loaded into my backpack. In Going Fast With Light, Dan shows us how to put together a set of gear so that we can shoot with speed and confidence. The truth is that speedlights can make a huge difference, but they don’t have to slow you down. Whether you shoot sports, action, portraits, street scenes or exotic locations, all of your images will benefit when you learn the ins and outs of using your flash properly. Dan explains a variety of different lighting schemes that employ a single flash or multiple flashes, and which methods work best for triggering your off camera flash or remote strobes. Using flash allows you to take a great subject that’s lit with challenging light, and turn it into a great photograph. We as photographers know that you don’t always have the luxury of great natural light and that is where Going Fast With Light comes in handy.

Get yourself a copy of this Ebook and take your flash photography to the next level and you’ll start turning your so-so shots into great shots! Also, you might like to check out his other two Ebooks as well – Making The Image or How To Become A Pro Photographer. Click here to visit Dan Bailey Photography.

And remember, keep shooting and have some fun!
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