September 29, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello to all my blogger friends. If you’re like me and are living in New England, you know we're slowly making the transition into Fall.  Before you know it we'll be shooting Christmas and winter photos. In the past month or so, I've actually had a chance to get out and shoot just for fun a few times. Just recently, I was lucky enough to hit a very popular local Halloween attraction called “Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular” held at a nearby zoo and it was a great time.

Every year they put up a display with over 5000 carved pumpkins all lit up in different themed displays set to their own music along with fog and other special effects.  I've been meaning to go for years, and I’m glad I finally made it. I would have loved to get more photos than I did, but the event was pretty crowded and it was very hard to stop moving long enough to get any shots. Plus, they didn't allow flash, tripods or mono-pods which made it even more difficult to shoot.

I like to cruise around when I get a chance and explore the area looking for nice Halloween displays. This year, I did find one that impressed me, and I was able to go there a few times during the day and a couple times at night when it was all lit up. Fortunately, on one of my night trips, I had plenty of time and space (nobody bumping into me or people walking through my shots) and got some really colorful shots that I was very happy with.

I'm hoping you were able to get out and shoot some award winning photos (or at least some that you enjoy)  I'm still working out the details of my new blog and website. I'll be in touch.......

Remember, keep shooting and have some fun!

© D. Gould Photography