May 5, 2016

Customizing the info I see in Loupe View in Lightroom

When you’ve got an image open in Lightroom and you double-click on it, you enter into Loupe View. Loupe view is nice because you can zoom in and scroll around to check out your image which is really handy before you take it into the Develop module and work on it.  The information you see hovering over your photo is called Info Overlay. If you don’t see any info here just tap the Letter I on your keyboard. If nothing happens you might have to  hold the Shift key and tap the I key.  I always took this for granted but some people do not know they can actually choose what info appears over your image. This info shown here can be very helpful. You actually have three choices here that you can scroll through. 

The first one is usually just your image with no data, then you have two other views that you can change to your own personal preferences. I have one set up with shoot date, time, and camera and I have the other one set up with shutter speed, ƒ- stop, ISO and lens settings. There are a ton of different settings that you can choose from.

To change these settings, press and hold the Control key and tap the letter J on your keyboard. A dialog box pops open and up on the top you’ll see Grid View and Loupe View. Make sure your in Loupe View you see two sections called Loupe Info 1 and Loupe Info 2. Click on the dropdown menus and play around with them, I’m sure you’ll find options that will work great for you. Just find something you like for each and close the dialog box and your all set…..Nice huh?
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