June 8, 2016

20 Things Most Photographers Get Wrong

I recently watched an episode of a podcast I follow that I think that anyone who is new photography should watch. It’s called  "20 Things Most Photographers Get Wrong" It’s from a weekly podcast of a show called “Tony and Chelsea Live”.  The show is hosted by Tony Northrup and his wife Chelsea. Maybe you’ve seen the show yourself? They cover all sorts of topics on their program. Seriously, even if you’ve been shooting for years I think you could pick up a tip or two. 

You could be new to photography or maybe you’ve been shooting for years, either way, this video will smash some of those age old photography myths that we’ve been told since the days of film. Film? Whats that? Some of the things they cover on this episode will surprise you. Tony will also give you some practical advice on certain photo gear that could possibly save you some money or frustration. Maybe you’ve been thinking about purchasing some new gear yourself? 

Tony is a professional photographer, author and video instructor. He has published 32 how-to books covering Windows systems and software development and photography. He’s often been called a technology expert and I think you’ll agree.

Maybe you already watch his show and have not seen this particular episode?  Each episode is about 45 minutes long and Tony and his wife Chelsea cover a wide range of topics on photography and photo related things.  Tony and Chelsea now have over 400 episodes online, so a lot of other people also like the show.  Here’s another link to the episode called "20 Things Most Photographers Get Wrong"  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Remember, as always, keep shooting and have some fun!
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