January 14, 2011

DIY - Home Studio Photography

There is a new eBook just made available from the people over at DIY Photography, written by a photographer by the name of Udi Tirosh. It's called, Your Complete Guide to Building A Photography Studio At Home.

Once photographers take the big step forward of finally moving their lighting off camera, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to them. Unfortunately, photographic lighting and equipment can be prohibitively expensive for the average hobbyist and most of us don't want to max out our credit cards just to do it. Luckily, light is light, no matter how expensive your modifiers, and there are countless ways to get nearly the same look as pro-equipment, and for only a fraction of the cost. This eBook is perfect for people interested in making their own Home Studio, tools and equipment.

Face it, if we could afford all the gear and all the space in the world it would rock, wouldn't it? Sadly, if we are shooting in our living room, we probably can't. As shooting-at-home photographers who might have their studio double as living rooms or garages, we have to deal with two constraints, lack of space and lack of gear. While this book mostly deals with lack of gear, it also deals with lack of space. A studio at home can be set up in the garage or the basement of even in a spare bedroom. This eBook can help you with that. 

Originally when I got this eBook I was very surprised because I've purchased quite a few eBooks in the past and most of them averaged between 25-50 pages, but this eBook is 115 pages and it comes loaded with easy to understand diagrams and step-by-step guides along with tons of photos. Granted, you probably won't need or use all the techniques in this book but there is sure to be something for everyone in here. I enjoy checking out the DIY website and have found all sorts of useful articles there.

Last but not least, Home Studio Photography also features 23 do-it yourself projects. Some by other guest contributors such as Nick Wheeler, David Turman, Rui M Leal, Matt Haines, Megan Abshire, Sandra Freeman and Alex Campagna.

Now the people over at DIY are so sure that your are going to love this book and that it will help you kick-start your home studio, they even offer you a Full Refund! If your are unhappy with the eBook for whatever reason, let them know within 30 days and get a Full Refund, no questions asked. So if you've been wanting to experiment with Home Studio Photography without going broke, this eBook is for you. To check it out for yourself, click the link found on the left-hand side of the page and it will take you right there!

Remember, as always, keep shooting and have some fun!
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