March 16, 2009

Digital Photography Changed the Way in Which We Look at Family Photos

We are all well aware that Digital photography has changed the way in which we look at our family photos. It was only a few short years ago we use to wait with excitement for our vacation photos to be developed and printed at the local photo lab, now it's all different because we can view the results on the LCD screen on the back of our digital camera right on the spot. 

It's then easy to decide if we want to change the exposure, the position of the camera, or whatever else, simply by viewing the image on the screen immediately after taking the picture and deciding if a re-shoot is the best option or deleting the unwanted image just taken... In fact life couldn't be easier!

But don't you miss the good old family album, recording events as they happened... Well there's no need to fret because you can still do exactly the same thing and have your digital lab print up only what you need. Now here is the big advantage, apart from the saving in costs of buying, processing and printing all the images taken, many just don't make it to print. Any images you don't like you just simply delete them, saving only the better ones. This means when it comes to getting the digital lab to print up your images of choice, there is a substantial saving to you. These days a lot of people are investing in a good printer and printing them themselves and Digital Scrapbooking is really catching on.

Also consider the other options, for example keeping your family in the loop with up-dated images of your vacation and other special events via your email. This doesn't cost you a thing and sometimes your family and friends are grateful that you thought of them by supplying your latest vacation images for them to see.

So in a way, not only can you maintain your traditional family album the same way you always did, you can also store your latest images on your computer, perhaps later burning to disc to save hard drive space or maybe to send a disc to your family and friends. These days people are already taking this for granted, so occasionally you need some old photographer like me to remind you that it wasn't always that easy!
Next time you take a digital photo, think of what I've just reminded you of and really use these options to the fullest….and remember, keep shooting and have some fun !
© D. Gould Photography