March 23, 2009

Digital Photography Secrets - Creating Breathtaking Landscape Photos

Landscapes can be among the most captivating photos a photographer can create. They can also be challenging, especially when using a new digital camera. With a little preparation you will be able to create beautiful digital landscape photos.

The first tip is to be prepared. Carry a tripod as well as extra memory and batteries to allow you to keep shooting. Tripods will eliminate camera shake in your photos, which is particularly noticeable when you are shooting large vistas. You will also want to find a good telephoto and wide-angle lens for landscapes. Telephoto can be used to zoom in on interesting characteristics of the environment, while you would use the wide-angle to give a panoramic feel to your pictures.

The key to good shots outdoors is the light. The best time to shoot landscapes is early in the morning as the sun is coming up, or during dusk. This way the colors don't become washed out in the harsh mid-day sunlight and shadows tend to have more character.

Don't lose yourself in the background. Find an interesting element to focus on. This will give your pictures more character as ensure that the scale of your landscape is not lost on viewers. The foreground subject could be as simple as a person, or a unique rock outcropping.

Keep your photos off-centered. Referred to as the Rule of Thirds, you want to invasion the scene as being cut into three sections. Aim slightly off center, either along the horizontal or vertical axes, to give your pictures depth and a look of professionalism.

Find ways to guide your audience to the main feature you want to highlight. You can use anything that resembles a line running in the direction you want people to look in. It could be a river, a road, or kids running through a field, whatever. This again adds depth and scale to your photo, as well as giving it "life."

Play with black and white. Never before has it been possible for a photographer to seamlessly switch from colour to black and white photography. What used to necessitate several cameras is now as simple as the push of a button. Black and white produces drastic contrasts between light and dark and can make even a dull seeming picture more spellbinding.

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