September 30, 2017

Quick Color Boost technique

Here’s a tip that is great for boosting colors quickly. I use this technique quite often to help give my landscape shots a Fall looking effect. But like most of my tips, you can use this on all sorts of photos. On the image here, I wanted to give my photo a quick color boost for Fall looking effect. You’ll notice this most in the grass and trees on the LAB Color shot. I’ve actually created an Action that gives me three levels of color boost to choose from. Maybe I’ll show you how to create a set for yourself in a future tutorial?  But for now, this tip is quick and simple. I think you’ll find that it can come in handy for sure. 

To do this, start off by creating a duplicate layer of your image. Name that layer LAB layer. We’ll work on our copy for now because we’ll need two copies for this in the end steps.  First you go under the Image menu, under Mode, choose LAB Color. Now go under the Image menu again and choose Apply Image. When that dialog opens, in the channel box, select b from the drop down menu and in the Blending box select Overlay. That will give your photo a nice Fall looking effect. But this might be a little too much for some images so this is where our LAB copy comes in handy. If the effect is a little too heavy, lower your Opacity on the LAB layer until it looks right to you. When you get it where you want it, go back up to the Image drop down menu and change your Mode back to RGB Color.

In my image I found that about 70 - 75% opacity looked pretty good to me but every photo is different. Play around on some of your own photos and see what you think. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and remember, keep shooting and have some fun!

© D. Gould Photography