August 10, 2016

Using the Preset Manager in Photoshop

Well it’s already August and for some of us in New England that means summer is dwindling away. I hope you're all getting out with your cameras as much as possible? Here is a little quickie tip I hope you’ll enjoy.

If you’ve been using Photoshop for a while, you probably already know that there are a ton of presets that come  pre-installed with Photoshop. Things like Patterns, Shapes, Brushes, Styles and Gradients. Maybe you’re like me and you enjoy playing around in Photoshop when you’ve got some free time. Personally I like to create posters and play with graphics, so I’m always creating new brushes or shapes, importing new colors or making new patterns. Sometimes I’ll be working on a photo or image and change the settings on a particular tool to get the effect just the way I like it, but after I close my document, I can never remember my settings again? Does this ever happen to you?

Fortunately, one of the lessor known features in Photoshop is also one of the handiest, the Preset Manager. Because there are so many features in Photoshop, a lot of people don’t even know that it exists? This is a convenient place to save your custom tools or brushes so you don’t have to remember all your settings the next time you want to use a particular tool or brush or one of the colors or shapes you've downloaded. This is especially nice when you tweak brushes or adjust scattering or other shape dynamics, you can just save it in the Preset Manager and next time you want it you've got it. 

Try this the next time you’ve created a new brush or shape. When you get all your settings just right, just click on the drop-down menu in the top left of the toolbar (next to your current tool icon) and you’ll see a little gear symbol. Click that and your first choice is New Tool Preset. Give it a name you’ll remember and next time it’ll be there when you want to use it again.  Beauty is, you can also sync all your presets with the Creative Cloud. All you do is go up to Edit>Presets>Export/Import Presets then select the presets to migrate. If you're like me I'm sure you'll find this little tip useful.
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