July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Just a little note to my photography friends out there, wishing that you all had a wonderful Independence Day this year with your family and friends and that you had a chance to check out your local fireworks festivities. Here in New England we got hit with the tail end of a tropical storm on the 4th, but there were still tons of firework displays the following day. 

This week, July 11th - 13th, I'll be attending the New England Camera Club Conference at the U Mass campus in Amherst, MA and I'm planning on doing a short post on that event, plus I'm going to be trying out a "new toy" that weekend also. My new toy is a Canon G15 Powershot, a nice pocket/carry round camera for me. I could have purchased the newer G16, but I saved almost $150 on this one and it had all the features I was looking for. I wanted a camera with RAW shooting capabilities, a hotshoe for my speedlights and great image quality. Of course I'll also bring my workhorse, a Canon Mk II, for some of the studio set ups and other shooting opportunities, but I'm looking forward to putting the G15 through its paces. Check back here for that post and some images from the G15. 

The NECC is something I look forward to all year and it has always been a great time; hanging out with friends and fellow camera club members and attending the seminars and classes.  I'm sure it'll be another great conference again this year   
Remember as always, keep shooting and have some fun !

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