April 1, 2009

Basic Photography Tips - Take Better Pictures Today

We all want to take better pictures. Modern digital cameras are incredibly complex devices and are more than capable of producing excellent images. All too often we are quick to blame our cameras for our poor photographs and instantly feel that when others show us their wonderful pictures that 'they must have a better camera than me'. This article will provide some basic tips that will help you improve your photography today. If you follow the advice offered here you are sure to improve the quality of pictures you take.
Focus on Composition
When you are out with the family and want to take a picture it can be all too easy to pull out the camera and take the snap before the moment disappears. Instead try to plan your shots a bit better. Rather than just looking at your kids smiling faces take a few moments to look ar the background. Is there a garbage bin next to them? Can you find a better back drop near by? If not then consider zooming in just for a head shot. The point is to pay attention not just to the subjects in your pictures but also to their surroundings.
Pay attention to light
Any professional photographer will tell you that light is their best friend. Pay attention to it and try to take most of your pictures when it is favorable. Sunset and sunrise generally provide the best times to photograph outside and the sun produces a warm bright light. In addition if you can avoid using the flash as it tends to make people look washed out and pale.
Shoot More
Do something enough times and you will get better. Get into the habit of taking more pictures. Try to always take your camera with you when you leave the house and shoot all day. The more you do this the better your eye will get at spotting potential for good photographs.
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